Cube U17GT – 7 inch Tablet with Phone Functionality

Cube U17GT is another 7 inch tablet from Cube. But this is no ordinary 7 inch tablet. It’s a lot better than the preceding model Cube U16GT. Most notable feature of Cube U17GT is the built-in phone functionality.

Here are the specs in comparison with other tablets:


As you can see. It still has the same chipset with Cube U16GT. It’s got the Rockchip RK2918. But Cube U17GT is loaded with very useful features. It has dual camera, WiFi, HDMI, and Bluetooth. The stock OS of this tablet is Android 2.3 but can be upgraded to Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Most important feature of Cube U17GT is that it has a built-in GSM phone function. You can use this tablet in making call and text messages. It supports 2G network. Even without a WiFi signal, you can still surf the web through EDGE/GPRS connection. It’s not 3G. It’s slow but it’s better than nothing at all. This tablet also packs 4000MAh of battery so you can enjoy this tablet for quite a long period of time.

This GSM phone function of Cube U17GT is the first among other China brand tablets. A testament that Cube Company is not afraid to innovate.


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